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Sales is NOT Marketing - Part 3

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Have you hit the "Flat Side" of the business cycle? Joshua D Brewer explains how to avoid the flat-side of the wheel in this third of three Construction Business TV marketing series videos. As a construction-related trades professional, are you constantly dealing with the "feast and famine" of entrepreneurship? You do not need to suffer from this any longer! YOU CAN SELL WHILE YOU ARE BUSY! "Selling is Selling" and "Marketing is Marketing", although they are connected, they are not the same. Join Mr. Brewer as he shares some practical steps for integrating your marketing strategy into the production phase of your business cycle. He also shares the hidden psychological secret behind why your sales are better when you are booked up.

10 STEP WORKFLOW (time 8:00m) #1. Sign the Contract and Get It on the Schedule #2. Pre-Plan Marketing Material Capture Opportunities #3. Put the Capture Plan on the Schedule #4. Capture the Marketing Material #5. Go to Post-Production #6. Post Your Material #7. Share Your Material Directly with Potential and New Customers #8. Follow-up by Engaging Online #9. Only Bid on Pre-Approved Projects #10. Use Solid Consultative Selling Skills to Land Good Projects with the Right Clients

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In this video, our host Joshua D Brewer discusses the importance of understanding the psychology behind to "Selling While You are Busy". One of the BIGGEST mistakes that small companies make is losing focus on sales and marketing while they are busy in a project. Mr. Brewer is passionate about helping small to mid-sized business owners build strong, recession-proof foundations for their businesses, long-term.


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