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Sales is NOT Marketing - Part 2

Category: Education
Duration: 00:11:13
Are you applying the "3-30-3 Rule" to your marketing strategy? Joshua D Brewer focuses his 3, 30 and 3 Marketing Rule in this second of three Construction Business TV marketing series videos. As a construction-related trades professional, do you find your marketing efforts, falling "flat on their face?" Are you "selling" in your marketing? We can not get these activities confused, "Selling is Selling" and "Marketing is Marketing". Although they are connected, they are not the same. Join Mr. Brewer as he shares some practical marketing examples that you can use in your marketing strategy.

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In this video, our host Joshua D Brewer discusses the importance of understanding and implementing his 3-30-3 Rule of Marketing. One of the BIGGEST mistakes that small companies make is using their marketing material to sell features and benefits. Mr. Brewer is passionate about helping small to mid-sized business owners build strong, recession-proof foundations for their businesses, long-term.